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Published January 2012

Plot: Following a referendum, Britain reinstates Capital Punishment for the crime of murder. Third to hang is notorious serial killer, Jammal Grey, alias the Dulwich Ripper. Acting Detective Chief Inspector Robert Bowman, the man who led the investigation, becomes an overnight hero.

But three weeks after the execution the nation is stunned when Bowman’s own daughter is brutally murdered in a copycat killing. Who could have done this? How could this have happened? Bowman knows who. And he knows how. Evidence crucial to Grey’s conviction was tainted; fabricated by the DCI to ensure a conviction when it looked like Grey was walking. Only Bowman and loyal Sergeant Hooper knew of it. Only Bowman, Hooper and of course, the real killer.

For the Dulwich Ripper is still out there. And now he has a hold over the very men who were supposed to have brought him to justice.

Bowman and Hooper must hunt down the Ripper all over again, although this time they’re on their own. Using only their initiative, their experience and their underworld connections, they must find the killer before more young women start to die.

And before the truth comes out.

Genre: Crime noir fiction – non-humourous.


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Size (Kindle):
Size (printed): 234 pages 8.2in x 5.8in

Author's Note: This was my first novel and unlike the books that were to come it is straight crime fiction – no humour (hence the DM King author name). Back in the mid-90s I spent several years trying to find a publisher for it before having more luck with The Burglar Diaries. The Executioners has been on my hard drive ever since and may well have stayed there had it not been for the advent of ebooks. I've redrafted, edited and updated the story for this release and am glad it finally got to see the light of day.