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Published August 2011

Mark Jones is a henchman for hire. He guards bunkers, patrols perimeters and stands around in a boiler suit for hours on end until he's knocked out by Ninjas. This is his job.

In his time he’s worked for some of the most notorious super villains the world has ever known – Doctor Thalassocrat, Victor Soliman, Polonius Crump; Jones was with each of them when they met their makers at the hands of British Secret Service super-spy, Jack Tempest and lived to tell the tale – if not pay the bills.

Still for every minute under gunfire there are weeks if not months of riding around on monorails so Jones starts a book club with a few of his fellow henchmen.

It was only ever meant to pass the time.

It was never meant to save the world.

"I highly recommend this book!
Start reading and laughing!"
(5/5 stars)


UK Price: £1.99 on Amazon.co.uk
US Price: $2.97 on Amazon.com
Canadian Price: $2.99 on Amazon.ca
EU Price:
€2.68 on Amazon.de
, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr & Amazon.it

List Price: £9.99 on lulu.com (+ £2.99 P&P)

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Size (Kindle):
Size (printed): 264 pages 9" x6"

Author's Note: It's been a couple of years since I've had a book out and some startling things have taken place in the publishing industry since then. The whole way we read, publish and most importantly buy books is going through something of a revolution and will no doubt continue to do so for many years. These are exciting times, particularly for those of us with windows opposite the big publishing houses who'll get to watch their neighbours leaping to their deaths every time a new e.reader comes out. Now I'm normally the last person to embrace technology, having only just bought my first video recorder last year (what side's Tomorrow's World on again?) but with Kindle I decided to stow my cynicism and give it a go. I'm still finding my way around the process so if you've any suggestions or advice I'd be more than happy to listen. You can contact me directly at dannykingbooks@hotmail.com.

Typos: There have been a few reviews posted on Amazon which mentioned typos. I can only apologise for this. However, with the help of the eagle-eyed Jon Evans I've now corrected a great many of these (perhaps even all – you tell me) and uploaded the new file so this shouldn't be a problem any more. My thanks to those of you who've posted your reviews, even whilst drawing attention to my slippery typing fingers. It is much appreciated.

Printed Copies: I explored several options before settling on lulu.com. I've been using them for a few years now and have always found them reliable so I went with the devil I knew for convenience.

Film Option: The rights to this novel were optioned by David Matalon in 2009 while it was still unpublished. Click here to see a short Variety article on this deal.

"One of Britain's best kept literary secrets"
The Big Issue in the North