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J.J. Jillinger

Performed: 2007-12

Development: In 2006 Latvian playwright J.J. Jillinger happened across a Russian translation copy of The Hitman Diaries whilst in a book shop in Moscow. He read it, liked it and set about adapting it for the stage.

Killlera Dienasgramata was first performed in 2007 by the Leipaja Theatre Company – the oldest professional theatre company in Latvia still in existance – under the Literary Direction of Edite Tisheizere. It was subsequently performed by the same company in the National Theatre in Riga on September 14th, 2007 and continued to play in Leipaja until 2012.

Details of this production (pictured below) can be found at www.liepajasteatris.lv.

Rights: I ask that all film contracts relating to The Hitman Diaries exclude Latvian stage rights so if the movie is ever made this production is protected.

Cast: Actor Egons Dombrovskis won the pretigeous Players' Night Award for best actor for a body of work which included the lead in Killlera Dienasgramata.

Trailer: To see a TRAILER of the play click HERE.

The Devil & Me: In 2010 Egons Dombrovskis came to Chichester to ask me to write a screenplay for him. As the rights to The Hitman Diaries were spoken for I wrote an original screenplay entitled The Devil and Me. Egons and his Latvian partners optioned this screenplay and hope to go into full production soon. I'll post more details if and when that happens.