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Published December 2011

Plot: John Coal is the town oddball. Old, crotchet and solitary, he lives in a scary old house that is almost as rundown as he and sees out his days shuffling around the streets harvesting his neighbours' skips for scrap.

The local kids take great delight in plaguing him morning, noon and night but they've chosen the wrong old coot to mess with because John Coal is no ordinary man. He knows where the bodies are buried. He's been to the outer limits. He is a keeper of dark secrets. Murder, monsters, demons and bi-polar vampires, he has seen them all and lived to tell the tale.

Now, if he is to rid himself of his woes he must dig into the deepest recesses of his past and use these terrible experiences to convince his tormentors he's not just an old man to be pushed around.

He is John Coal – the Monster Man of Horror House.


UK Price: £1.99 on Amazon.co.uk
US Price: $2.97 on Amazon.com
Canadian Price: $2.99 on Amazon.ca
Australian Price: $3.99 on Amazon.com.au
EU Price:
€2.68 on
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List Price: £7.99 at Amazon.co.uk

Das Haus Der Monster: €12.99 at Amazon.de

Size (Kindle): 460kb
Size (printed): 272 pages A5

Author's Note: This is a portmanteau horror novel in the style of those great 1970s shockers such as Tales From the Crypt and Vault of Horror that I grew up watching as a kid. Two of my favourites were From Beyond the Grave and The Monster Club by master of the genre Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes and I read his novel of The Monster Club long before I ever saw the film. A couple of years ago I came across it again and reread it and I found myself enjoying it as much as I had done the first time around. Therefore I decided to have a crack at writing this kind of book myself and these are the results. There are four stories in the novel, each linked by and featuring John Coal, the narrator of the book. I only hope I've done justice to the late great RCH.

Printed Copies: I explored several options before settling on lulu.com. I've been using them for a few years now and have always found them reliable so I went with the devil I knew for convenience.

Film Rights: I have adapted a couple of the stories in this book into stand-alone feature films. One of them was optioned for a while but came to nothing so please contact me if you are a producer and would like to discuss this book or any of the stories contained within it with me.

Foreign publishers: Translated into German and published in 2016 by Luzifer-Verlag. Available through their own site or on Amazon.de (or indeed Amazon.com, co.uk, es or any of the others).

Awards: The Vincent Prize (Germany) 2017 — Best International Work — 5th place.