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Plot: Five children are being hunted through the fading light. Who is chasing them or for what is unclear. All that is obvious is their fear at the prospect of being captured.

The youngest of the group, Elliot, is slowing the others down. Will, Pete and Ian want to leave him but Jill, the oldest, can't. Even if it means being caught herself, some bonds can never be broken. They will stay together come what may.

A relentless chase with a meteoric twist for young and old alike.







Written as a spec short in 2014, this script sat on my harddrive for a year or so gathering dust, as so many of my scripts do. But then in mid-2015 I saw an advert placed on a trade website by producer/director Katie Smith. Katie had already made the acclaimed short Crossroads, winning plaudits and awards along the way. Now she was looking for her next project to produce. I emailed her immediately and bigged up my BAFTA nomination, as I always do whenever I contact people in the industry (or talk to people in the fish & chip shop/supermarket/bus stop queue etc). Katie got back to me and agreed to read the script. She liked it and had some great ideas that really took the story to the next level, so we batted the script backwards and forwards for a couple of months before we were really happy with what we had. Katie had a 21st century plan to fund the film and launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 21st 2016. For 30 long days we annoyed the piss out of our families and Facebook friends alike but they came through in spades, surpassing the original £3000 target by another £2000 to take the core budget to... er... hang on... £5000. Katie then chipped in a fair old chunk herself and begged, borrowed and stole the rest. Principal photography began on May 28th 2016 and ran for 6 days, shooting in beautiful Kent countryside just outside Canterbury. More pick-up shots would be required but Katie had enough to take into the edit with her over the summer. The film is to be dedicated to the memory of Margot Martini, a little girl who tragically died in 2014 aged just 2 years from Leukemia. Her parents, Yaser & Vicki Martini, set up the charity Team Margot in their daughter’s name to help highlight the need for more bone marrow and stem cell donors.

Run Run As Fast As You Can will be screened in collaboration with #TeamMargot.




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Many many thanks to our fantastic Kickstarter backers (in alphebetical order). Some of the names are incomplete because of how they appeared on the website. If yours is one of them do please drop me a line and I will gladly add your full name.