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Published: 2002 by Serpent's Tail


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Plot outline: Chris Benson idolizes his older brother, Gavin, a seasoned bank robber. He aspires to be like him in every way and moulds his whole personality around armed robbery. This is all he lives for. He holds normal working people (or plebs, as he calls them) in contempt and tries to ape Gavin without truly understanding what it is that makes him tick.

So w hen Gavin gets sentenced to 15 years in prison, Chris steps into his boots and tries to take over as head of a small crew of blaggers. He complicates things further by having an affair with Heather, Gavin's wife, while neglecting his own treacherous, money-grabbing partner, Debbie. A mistake that could cost him his life.

Influences: The Sweeney, The Long Good Friday, Mona Lisa, The Hit with perhaps a bit of Big Vern from Viz just to anchor it in reality.


Crossovers: Chris Benson returning the gun to Electric meets Bex and Ollie from The Burglar Diaries. He also encounters them later while out with the Neighbourhood Watch. John Broad, Brian Faulkner (chapter 14) both appear in The Hitman Diaries ; as do Handsome Eddie and Sam Broad (chapter 22). Most notably, Ian Bridges, the narrator of The Hitman Diaries is the Wolf who shoots it out with Chris Benson in Chapter 19. The story behind The Hitman Diaries is the story behind the photo Ian holds so dear.

Film Development: Film & TV rights optioned to Silhouette Media Group (Canada).

Foreign translations: Also published in French by Michel Lafon, Russian by AST, Spanish by La Factoria de Ideas and Taiwanese by Sharp Point.

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