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Published: June 2009 by Serpent’s Tail

Plot: Charley’s great. She’s everything Terry has ever dreamed of in a woman and more. She’s sophisticated, intelligent, funny and beautiful. She enjoys dinner parties with friends, hobnobbing with famous actors and hanging out in the West End’s trendiest nightspots. She is, for want of better a word, luvverly. Terry simply can’t believe his luck.

And that’s the problem, because Terry doesn’t believe his luck.

And neither do the lads on Terry’s building site. As far as they’re concerned, this Charley bird’s just out for a bit of rough. And they’re loathed to see Terry fall for such a trickster, particularly after his last girlfriend broke his heart.

Charley’s own friends seem just as wary as Terry’s. This working class Jack the lad’s just out for Charley’s money. They can see it. Why can’t she?

When North London meets South London, Gastro pub meets local boozer and white collar meets blue, Charley and Terry’s love is built on the shakiest of foundations.

And all it’ll take is a reality film crew to bring the whole thing crashing down around their ears.

Terry can’t believe he’s finally met the woman of his dreams. No one can.

Genre: This is a slight departure from my normal genre in that it’s not crime fiction but a relationship comedy. No one gets killed, no one gets robbed and no one gets shanked in the showers. My sincerest apologies in advance. But it’s still told in my own inevitable style, with enough coarse jokes, questionable opinions and misused exclamation marks to keep even my most loyal of fans happy!! I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, I promise I’ll get straight back on with the bank robberies and never try to diversify again.

Crossovers: Not too many crossovers between this book and the others, because of the nature of the story, but I always like to put in one or two, just for my own nerdy satisfaction, so there's a little mention of our old friend, Ted Allen, in chapter 11. Ted, as you may or may not remember (or care) is the celebrity from The Hitman Diaries, and a lovely old soak he is too. My kind of celebrity.


Runner-up for the Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance, 2010 (see below).


Danny (third right) moments before angrily contesting the judges' decision, 2010


Foreign publication: An extract was published in the German school text book Level Crossing 12/13 NEU. If anyone can tell me why I'd love to know.

Film rights: The film & televsion rights to this book have been optioned by The London Film School.

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nb: the ebook rights to Blue Collar were retained by Profile books. The below pricing is theirs:

UK Price: £5.49 at Amazon.co.uk
US Price: $8.19 at Amazon.com
Canadian Price: $8.95 at Amazon.ca

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