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Published: 2003 by Serpent's Tail


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Plot outline: Ian Bridges is a psychopath, he just doesn't realize it. He works as a hitman and is on permanent stand-by for West End gangster John Broad. He does maybe three or four jobs a year and spend the rest of his time sitting alone wallowing in his own unhappiness. He desperately wants to meet Mrs Right and settle down, but can't and it feels like the world is conspiring against him. He's about to find out he's right. A deeply dark tale of murder, madness and dating.

Influences: The Long Good Friday and Mona Lisa, for the backdrop, but Bridges is mostly a creation of my own. Any petty little frustration I've ever felt about anything (particularly dating) taken to the nth degree for Bridges to obsess and screw over. There's probably a bit of that old Ronnie Corbett sit-com Sorry in his mum, though.

Crossovers: Meets Debbie Benson from The Bank Robber Diaries in Chapter 16 and discusses bumping off her husband briefly in Chapter 27. Handsome Eddie, Brian Faulkner, John and Sam Broad all appear in The Bank Robber Diaries and The Hitman Diaries. There are mentions of the diamond robber and the lorry full of illegal immigrants from The Bank Robber Diaries in Chapter 24.

Tone: I set out to write the darkest comedy I could possibly write and judging from some of the reviews I got think I probably just about got away with it, but I think that's about as dark as it gets for me. That said The No.1 Zombie Detective Agency is possibly up there as well.

Film Development: Film & TV rights are available.

Short Film: In 2009 a UK producer made a high quality ten-minute short based on the opening chapters of The Hitman Diaries. Click here for more details.

Theatre Development: The Hitman Diaries (Killlera Dienasgramata) was translated and adapted for the stage by J.J. Jillinger and first performed by the Leipaja Theatre Company under the Literary Direction of Edite Tisheizere. Click here for more details. .

Above: Egons Dombrovskis as Jans (Ian) in Killlera Dienasgramata (The Hitman Diaries) .

Above: Jans with Kreigs (Edgars Pujats) and below with dear old mum (Inese Kucinska).

Trailer: To see a TRAILER of the above play click HERE .

Foreign translations: Also published/to be published in Russian by AST, Taiwanese by Sharp Point, German by Luzifer Verlag and large print by Clipper.

Audio books: Published on CD as an unabridged title by Whole Story Audio Books. Click HERE for more information:

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