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Published: 2005 by Serpent's Tail


UK Price: £1.99 at Amazon.co.uk
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€2.68 on Amazon.de
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Plot outline: Darren Miles has been in and out of prison since he was 15. Now aged 27 he is released from his latest stretch and returns home vowing to go straight.

But things aren’t as easy as all that; his girlfriend’s got married in his absence, he can’t get a job to save his life, he’s got no money, he’s living on his brother’s sofa, the police are pulling him in for every little thing that happens in town and his former criminal mates have a hum-dinger of a job they want him in on – a massive out-of-town supermarket.

All he has to do is put together a gang of seven or eight mates, all small-time petty criminals and he could have the biggest payout of his life – or the biggest headache.

Influences: I’ve always liked traditional heist books/movie where things start at the beginning with an idea, then there’s a chronological progression through scouting, recruiting, planning and finally climax with the job itself. But since Reservoir Dogs, almost everything is done via flashbacks or from three different angles at once or some other disjointed gimmick because producers are worried the five-second generation need a shoot-out every five seconds in order to hold their interest, so all the planning and preparation (often the most interesting parts of the story) get booted out. This is just my stab at writing a heist caper the way I think heist capers should be written. Influences include The Dirty Dozen, The Hot Rock, The Great Bookies Robbery, Dog Day Afternoon and other such classics.

Crossovers: This book has lots of crossovers with The Burglar Diaries. It’s set in the same anonymous town and features a number of the same characters; DS Weasel, DC Ross, Charlie Taylor and we get to learn a lot more about Burglar Diaries burglars Parky and Norris. Even Bex and Ollie get a mention, just for aficionados.

Film/TV Development: The film rights were optioned by Gary Beadle with a view to adapting Milo into an eight part television series. Episodes 1 and 2 were written but things tailed off, so I've now combined both books into a feature-length screenplay. Any interest parties can contact me directly.

Foreign translations: Also published in Russian by AST.

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