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Published: 2006 by Serpent’s Tail


UK Price: £1.99 at Amazon.co.uk
US Price: $2.97 at Amazon.com
Canadian Price: $2.99 on Amazon.ca
EU Price:
€2.68 on Amazon.de
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Plot outline: This one picks up right where Milo’s Marauders left off so I won’t say too much otherwise I’ll spoil the last chapter of Marauders. But it basically does what it says on the tin; it’s a getaway book from start to finish with Milo, Goody and Patsy running for their lives and liberty, with cops and problems at every turn.

Influences: I didn’t really have any strong influences for this book, just a head full of questions. I wanted to write as realistic an account of being on-the-run as I could. Obviously, having never been in this position myself, I simply made it all up, but I tried to put myself in their shoes and think of every angle as they would see them coming. How would they get food? Where would they shelter? How would they clean their clothes/themselves? What would it be like for them living their lives constantly looking over their shoulders? And most importantly of all, how would they get off this overcrowded island? I must say I enjoyed writing this book immensely, though I reckon if Milo, Goody or Patsy were able to come to life and speak for themselves, I’m not sure they’d put much of a good word in for me.

Crossovers: Asides from Milo’s Marauders, this book also has a few of the same character from The Burglar Diaries, such as DS Weasel, Parky and Norris. There’s even a fleeting mention of Paddy from The Pornographer Diaries, for those of you who can be bothered to look closely enough.

Film Development: I've combined the two Milo books into one screenplay and the rights are available to option or buy. Contact me.

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