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Published by Serpent’s Tail July 2004.


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Plot: Godfrey Bishop works for a soft porn magazine. He talks to the models, he reads hundreds of readers' letters, he organises the photoshoots and even gets to direct the action. He has, according to his friends, "the best job in the world".But Godfrey Bishop has a problem. Godfrey Bishop is going through the sex drought to end all sex droughts. He hasn't been with a woman in over a year and this knee-twisting frustration is magnified a hundred times by his daily grind.

Chuck into the mix a twelve girl orgy, a stable of alcoholic co-workers, an angry argumentative feminist, a naked run from justice and an obsessive nutty reader who thinks Godfrey is trying to scupper his chances of marrying the magazine's centre-spread girl and you have Danny King's filthiest and funniest novel yet – according to the back of the book.

Godfrey Bishop has "the best job in the world" – and it's doing his f*cking head in.

Influences: A bit of Carry-On, a touch of Benny Hill, and a lots and lots of porn. I worked in the industry for a few years, but this isn’t an exposé or anything. Just a comic novel set in a world I knew a little about.

Crossovers: There's a letter from Bex, from The Burglar Diaries, at the back of the book but mainly the big crossover is with Infidelity for Beginner . On pages 26 & 27 of Pornographer, Godfrey talks about the miserable time he had on his former magazine Caravanning Enthusiast. Infidelity enlarges this story, but it is told from the point of view of his boss, Andrew, who has a few problems of his own.

Film Rights: The film rights are currently under option with Formosa Films.

Foreign translations: Also published in Russian by AST, Italian by Kowalski and Taiwanese by Sharp Point.

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Stage: I adapted this book into a stage show, which played at the C Venues during the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (see below). It starred Gary Beadle, Jessica Harris and David Squire. Produced by Have A Word Productions. Directed by Kate McCarthy.

Gary Beadle 'hard at work' in the play.