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Published 2012

Godfrey Bishop lands "the best job in the world" on a top shelf magazine but soon discovers that reality and fantasy don't make for good bed fellows.

Based on the novel of the same Godfrey takes the audience on a journey through the highs and lows, ups and downs and ins and outs of the adult industry and lays bare his soul in the process.

The show performed at the C Venues throughout the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It starred Gary Beadle, Jessica Harris and David Squire and was Produced by Have A Word Productions and Directed by Kate McCarthy. Assisted by Sara Watts.


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List Price: £7.99
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Gary Beadle 'hard at work'

From left to right: Kate McCarthy, me, David Swire, Jessica Harris and Gary Beadle


Press reviews:

“Maintains the pace and energy of the book..."
- The Stage

“Too crude to be of much value"
- The Times

“Rude, nude and crude... entertains and succeeds despite its subject content"
- edinburgh.threeweeks.co.uk

“Doesn't really tackle this difficult and controversial subject head on... (but watching a woman in the audience who) looked just like Mary Whitehouse chortle along to every cock, tit and fanny was worth the admission price alone"
- Broadway Baby

Author Note:
The show is meant to be an un-PC farce rather than tackle any weighty or serious issues. Some critics seemed to miss this point but the following are some audience responses to The Times’s two star review.


“Your [Robert Dawson Scott of The Times] review is a bit harsh. This is the best thing I’ve seen so far. The audience was great the night I went and Gary's (EastEnder's Paul) performance was brilliant. Perfect for Edinburgh, captures the atmosphere. Don't miss it.”
- Kate Williams, London, England

“Great show, very funny. The best thing I have seen at Edinburgh so far.”
- Andy Craig, London

“I agree with Kate, why only two stars? This play is a comedy, it's about some interesting subjects, well worth analysing – the lamentable progress of pornography to become acceptable and even mainstream – but it is written for laughs and the audience loved it belly laughing throughout. I think that your review should concentrate on how funny this play is and conclude with whether it succeeds in making those of us who paid for a ticket feel like we got a good chuckle and our monies worth (I certainly did). I’d just like to add that I love plays where two or three people play all the characters such as The Pornographer Diaries or Stones in His Pockets. I don't know if this is done because of a tight budget but if the actors are good enough the results are hilarious and a delight to watch. Well done especially to Jessica Harris who does every female character. A riot, great laughs to be had.”
- Hobart Paving, Leeds, UK

Size (Kindle): 149kb
Size (printed): 82 pages 10.8cm x 17.5cm (pocket sized)
Duration: 65-70 minutes

Performances: If you would like to stage this play please contact me to enquire about scheduling.