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LAST UPDATED 10/02/2014



There are no books currently pending


SCREENPLAYS (completed)


Status: Optioned by Formosa Films until Nov 2014

Plot: Firebrand feminist tabloid editor, Christine Collins, launches a campaign against top shelf magaine, Bling, when she discovers her teenage son inflagrante delicto with a copy.

She hands undercover ace, Godfrey Bishop, the assignment of a lifetime when she send him in to dig the dirt as Bling's newest member of staff, but Godfrey's eyes are opened to more than he bargained for when he encounters former kiss & tell scandal girl, Wendy Pickles, working on the magazine's reception desk.

Godfrey is about to discover that when it comes to sleaze, porno mags have much to learn from their daily tabloid cousins – especially his own newspaper.

Format: Feature film (2008 ©)


REIGN OF BLOOD (working title) **UNDER OPTION**

Status: Optioned by Sam Tromans (Wild Bill co-producer) until April 2014

Plot: In a quiet countryside farmhouse, Britain's vampires gather. The Coven meet once every fifty years to discuss territories, disputes, threats and food stocks – and to approve new members. For one is coming tonight who could be joining their ranks if the vote is unanimous.

Sebastian Crockett, an unwitting Essex boy who thinks he's on a promise with sexy cougar Vanessa. Little does he know the commitment he'll be asked to make.

Unluckily for all, Sebastian's not the only guest who'll be dropping in tonight. A detachment of special forces vampire killers led by Captain Bingham has tracked the Coven to this remote location, although they've bitten off more than they can chew. Bingham expected one vampire, not an entire Coven.

With barely a handful of men, Bingham must keep the vampires pinned down while the fractious Coven must put their differences aside if they're to escape before dawn. Neither Sebastian, Captain Bingham, nor the Coven are having the best night of their lives.

But they might just be having the last.

Format: Feature film (2005 ©)



Status: Optioned by GM Productions (Russia) until April 2014

Plot: Juris is a street sweeper. He pushes a trash cart around the streets of Liepaja, Latvia) and helps keep them clean, but he is not respected. He is scruffy, unkempt and a loner. People don't like him. He co-workers don't like him. And Velna doesn't like him.

Velna – face of an angel, heart of stone.

Juris is destined for an unhappy and solitary life until a chance encounter with another loner – a profession assassin known in Russian mob circles as Dimitri the Devil.

Juris witnesses Dimitri executing his latest contract and unwittingly saves his life. Dimitri repays the debt by leaving Juris with his life, but when he returns to Moscow he realizes he has more in common with Juris than he first thought. No family, no friends, colleagues who mistrust him, and a job cleaning up after other people – Dimitri and Juris could almost be brothers.

Dimitri returns to Liepaja and makes Juris his special project. He follows him in the streets, monitors his life, watches his despair and resolves to turn Juris into a man.

Whether Juris likes it or not.

Format: Feature film (2010 ©)



Status: Optioned by Stella Nova Productions (UK Producer) until November 2015

Plot: See The Hitman Diaries

Format: Feature film



Status: Optioned by an independent UK screenwriter until January 2015

Plot: See The Bank Robber Diaries

Format: Feature film (2002 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: A city property broker crashes his car in the middle of nowhere and finds himself stranded in an English country village and plagued by evil forces. Based on the third story found within The Monster Man of Horror House.

Format: Feature film (2011 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: Five years after a highly contagious infection turns the residents of a small market town into crazed killers, the survivors gather to unveil a memorial wall to the dead.

Format: Fly-on-the-wall mockumentary with a twist. (2012 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: A bent cop has to hunt for a serial killer all over again, this time using his underworld contacts, after learning an innocent man was sent to prison (and murdered) on false evidence. Based on my book of the same name.

Format: 2 x 60 min drama (2012 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: Brother John Green no longer believes in God.

The years have taken their toll on his faith, his congregation and his energies. He goes through the motions simply for the sake of his last loyal worshipper and church organist Margaret Bailey.

But when Margaret dies John feels as if he's lost everything, not least of all when she leaves instructions to be buried alongside her late husband. Dead eight years, Lloyd Bailey dominated Margaret's life through violence and intimidation. Now it seems he's about to claim her in the hereafter too. What sort of a God would allow this?

John will find out the night before Margaret's funeral when God and the Devil call on him and ask him to referee their chess match. A place on Earth and helping hand are needed, but John's not just providing the refreshments – he's also the prize.

If the Pastor wants to avoid a one-way ticket to hell he must trace back to where he first lost his faith and fight to get it back.

For one night and one night only, Brother John Green has been cast as the ultimate pawn between good and evil.

Let the games begin.

Format: Feature film



Status: Available

Plot: Life-long work-dodger is forced to take a job as a lowly security guard on a mothballed building site or have his dole cut. This building site is bang-smack in the middle of a street gang's territory and he soon finds himself the sole figure of law enforcement in a lawless corner of London.

Style: Low-budget type comedy drama (with a Western flavour) in the vein of Wild Bill.

Format: Feature film (2012 ©)



Status: Under offer

Plot: See School for Scumbags

Format: Feature film (2007 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: An undead private detective wanders the ruins of post-apocalypse New Orleans in the footsteps of the last case he was working. Based on my book of the same name.

Format: Feature film (2011 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: Luckless career criminal comes out of prison vowing to go straight, only to end up recruiting a gang of petty thieves to rob a large out-of-town supermarket when he find life on the outside is tougher than he thought.

Format: I have written this as both a one-off 90 min feature film AND as a 60 min x 8 mini series based on two of my books, Milo's Marauders and Milo's Run. (2012 ©)



Status: Available

Plot: An RAF officer held inside the Third Reich's most imfamous prisoner-of-war camp holds the key to thwarting the Nazi's latest weapon of mass destruction.

Format: Feature film (2012 ©)


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